YMCA International Charity Run

Love on the Run!
The YMCA Charity Run’s aim is the social awareness and understanding of challenged children.
Your participation in the run will support the challenged children through the YMCA’s camps and programs.
There are more than 5,000 participants from 21 different location of YMCA throughout Japan.
The YMCA offers various and exciting programs for the challenged children to participate actively insociety.
By participating in this run, it will mean a lot to the challenged children. Not only you will be enjoying the day’s event, but at the same time you’ll be supporting the challenged children.

Overview of The 6th International CHARITY RUN

Sunday, April 28th,2019.
Application period: Fri, February 1 to Wed, April 3

Wakayama Shimin Sports Hiroba
796-1 Fukushima, Wakayama city

●Number of participants

We adopt a runner chip for measurement. (A to C)

A. 10 km race
Solo runners will compete in a 10km race.
Participation fee-4,000yen

B. 4km Team Relay Race (4 runners/team)
Each team member runs 1km and teams will compete in a 4km race.
Participation fee-9,000yen (1 group)
*Please apply with groups such as friends, companies organizations or families.

C. 4km Time Challenge Relay Race(4 runners/team)
Each team member runs 1km, with teams running 4km in total. Whichever team has the shortest time difference between the estimated time and actual time is the winner.
Participation fee-9,000yen (1 group)
*Please apply with groups such as friends, companies organizations or families.

D. Fun Run (2-4 runners/team)
・Groups of 2 to 4 people run about 900m together.
・Participation fee-1,000yen (1 group)
*Please apply with groups such as friends, companies organizations or families.

E. Special Charity Runner
Make a minimum donation of 10,000 yen to the International Charity Run and participate in any of the races above.

F. Charity Run Sponsors
If you as an individual, cooperation, or organization, would like to support our charity run, your financial contribution and donation of prize items will be most appreciated. We ask for donations to be paid in increments of 10,000 yen for corporations or organizations and 5,000 yen for individuals.
Individual-_,oooyen(5,000 yen+up)

● Prizes
★Top 3 runners or teams for each event receive awards.
Unique costume are welcomed. special prizes will be given for the most impressive one won by a runner or a team.
*A souvenir will be given to all participants and the certificate of completion will be given to all solo runners and teams who completed the race.


8:30 Registration for 10km race and Fun Run

9:00 Opening ceremony

9:30 Registration for Team relay and Time challenge relay race

9:35 10km race starts (ends at 11:15)

9:45 Fun Run starts (ends at 10:25)

10:45 Team relay race and Time Challenge race starts (ends at 11:25)

11:40 Awards and Closing ceremony


・There are parking spots but not enough for all the participants so please car pool or ask for a lift.
・The race will be held rain or shine but maybe canceled in case of stormy weather.
・Participation fee is not refundable as this is for a charitable purpose.
・The YMCA will not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.
・Please check in at least 30 minutes before your race starts.

How to participate

Please choose from the following options.

1. Register online and pay the fee through a bank or pay at the YMCA.

2. Pay at a post office using the Charity Run Application form.
If you don’t have the application form, please request one.

3. Register and pay through Sportsnavi.

Application and payment deadline will be at 3pm on April 3, 2019.


For details, please call 073-473-3338 or email info@wakayamaymca.org